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Franciscan Vision:

        The Franciscan Vision encompasses a realm beyond the material.  It is in the "inner level of being" where true life if found. 


It is here that we can learn to see all people as our brothers and sisters.


It is also here that we can confront the world and       enter into the wholesomeness of God.


It is the "holy ground" where humankind and God touch.

        Thus the Villa seeks to provide the time and the place for each to visit this "inner level of being".

        As Francis of Assisi struggled to become what God called him to be; we too, seek and struggle to respond to God's call in our lives.                     

        The Franciscan seeks to bring the Gospel of Jesus' love to all humankind by embracing all; seeking to help those who cannot help themselves; offering hope to the downtrodden in life; witnessing Gospel without preaching it; being themselves humble enough to accept the many "good gifts" along with life's difficulties; to reach    beyond all to be more loving, forgiving, and  self-sacrificing.

Visit our Religious Congregation's Web Site for our community's Franciscan connections:

             Bernardine Franciscan Sisters